O bag moon light .body

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O bag moon light body


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O bag moon light body made in XL EXTRALIGHT® Material, a type of foam rubber, coloured, flexible, resistent and light with a particular tactile’soft-touch’

The body presents two central holes closed by two rigid buttons and two smaller lateral holes which make it easy to customize it with interchangeable accessories interchangeable (handles, shoulder strap, inner bag).

Dimensions: 22 cm height x 29 cm width x 8 cm depth.

It is highly recommended NOT to expose your bag for a long time to the sun rays, high temperatures (e.g: nearby the central heating in winter or in cars cabins in summer) or to other heat sources in order to prevent damages or an alteration to its form and color.

It is recommended to clean your O bag body with the sponge O clean. In alternative wash your O bag body with neutral soap and 30°C water.

Do not rub it.

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